Kicking Off Another Great Year

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Now that it is September, it’s time for a new school year and another cycle of CommuniCare! CommuniCare groups are busy getting up and running, and grantmakers have been doing a fantastic job of spreading the word about the program to get their peers involved. Meanwhile, CommuniCare staff is delighted to return to schools to visit groups and get students excited about their role as grantmakers. During these introductory visits, students have been showing a great amount of engagement and concern for their communities. We can’t wait to hear which service area each group will choose and to [...]

A Record-breaking Year!

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The 25th year of CommuniCare was a big one! We are thrilled to announce that 1,200 CommuniCare grantmakers granted more than $683,000 to 81 nonprofits this year. We're celebrating this record-breaking year with seven Grant Award Ceremonies across Oregon. These events are a chance to celebrate our grantmakers, their nonprofit recipients, and the work all of them are doing to build a better community. We are incredibly proud of the hard work and determination students brought to the program this year, especially through the challenges of returning to in-person school. The passion and commitment of these young people should give [...]

2021-2022 CommuniCare Grant Awards (First Semester)

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This year, one group completed the CommuniCare program during first semester! Twenty students from the IB Diploma program at Tualatin High School participated in CommuniCare and focused their grantmaking on nonprofits that support families experiencing food insecurity in the Portland Metro Area. Through can collections with BottleDrop Give and a profit-share event at Chipotle, the group met their fundraising goal and granted a total of $15,820 to four nonprofit organizations and one in-school program. Nonprofit recipients included Adelante Mujeres, Farmers Market Fund, Tualatin School House Pantry, and Lift Urban Portland. Packed with Pride was selected as an in-school grant recipient. [...]

Now Accepting Applications

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We are now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 CommuniCare grant cycle! Please follow this link to download the application form and to submit your materials. Applications will be accepted from 11/15/21 - 12/31/21. Student mission statements are grouped into general categories to make them easier to review, and many mission statements appear in more than one category. Please read them carefully and pay special attention to the geographic areas they prioritize.Answers to common questions can be found on our FAQ page.

A Big Year for CommuniCare

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This year marks the 25th anniversary of CommuniCare and we are celebrating in a BIG way. A record 60 grantmaking groups, composed of nearly 1,400 students, are participating in the program!  Everybody is working hard to get back in the swing of things and we are extremely proud of the progress grantmakers have already made this year. In just two months, groups have gotten up and running, selected their service areas, and drafted their mission statements. Mission statements will be available to view on our website when the public submission window opens on November 15th.  The focus for groups now turns to fundraising! From bake sales to busking, grantmakers are [...]

Taking Action With CommuniCare

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This reflection was submitted by Emily and Ella, former CommuniCare participants from St. Mary's Academy. Emily and Ella participated in CommuniCare for two years and served as leaders of their school’s groups. Everyone wants to make a difference. Service has always been a principal part of our lives, but it is often difficult to figure out how to take action. As juniors at St. Mary’s Academy (SMA), we became members of our school’s founding chapter of CommuniCare, a youth grantmaking program of The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation. CommuniCare allowed us to utilize our [...]

Three Takeaways from Three Years of CommuniCare

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This reflection was submitted by Mary Grace, a former CommuniCare participant from La Salle Catholic College Preparatory. Mary Grace participated in CommuniCare for three years and served in a leadership role during her senior year. Never would I have thought that in just three years, my understanding of not only the nonprofit world but of the entire world would expand so greatly. CommuniCare is more than just an opportunity for students to help nonprofits - it gives them the power to make change. I want to break my CommuniCare experience into three parts: Never Imaginable, [...]

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