If your nonprofit submitted application materials through the 2023-2024 CommuniCare Public Submission Window, congratulations! Your materials were made available to students in mid-January. So what’s next?

Our program requires extra patience and flexibility, since each student group is working through the grantmaking steps at their own pace. The January ice storm hit right at the end of the first semester, snarling schedules and grading across all schools. Most groups are still working to catch up.

Generally speaking, here is the communication timeline we anticipate this spring:

  • Mid-February to early March: groups share their interview short lists with CommuniCare staff
  • Mid-February to early March: the CommuniCare Program Director emails each nonprofit with an update on their status
  • March through mid-April: students contact nonprofits, schedule interviews, and conduct interviews.
  • April: students make final decisions and notify interviewees of the outcome.
  • May: CommuniCare staff confirms attendance and event details for our Grant Award Ceremonies

In the meantime, if you hear from a student group about an interview, go for it! There’s no need to wait.

Everyone else, thanks again for your patience!