Application Timeline


October – November

Student groups develop a mission statement that captures their funding priorities for that school year.


November 15

Mission statements are made publicly available on our website.


November 15 – December 31

If your work aligns with one or more of the mission statements, download a copy of the CommuniCare grant application. Complete the grant application and upload it to the inquiry portal, indicating which mission statement(s) align with your work. Your application will be distributed to the corresponding CommuniCare groups, who will reach out directly to nonprofits they wish to speak with. Site visits, in-school presentations, and/or remote interviews are scheduled by student invitation only. Direct solicitations will not be considered.


February – March

CommuniCare groups will schedule site visits, in-school presentations, and/or remote interviews with potential grant recipients.


March – April

CommuniCare groups will hold site visits, in-school presentations, and/or remote interviews.


Mid-April – Early May

CommuniCare grantees are notified by CommuniCare school groups.



Receive your funds at our closing Grant Awards Ceremony celebration! Attendance by a representative from your organization is required in order to participate in the CommuniCare program.