Use the numbers from your most recently completed fiscal year. “Budget” can be your projection and “income” and “expenses” can be the actuals. If you’ve already submitted your application and had interpreted these fields differently, don’t worry! The financial information is mostly to flex some fledgling vocabulary and to get students used to asking questions about money, which makes some people uncomfortable.

We’ll change up the language next grant cycle to make it more clear.

All 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations in the State of Oregon are eligible to apply. Please keep in mind that the student mission statements will often identify a specific geographic service area for their grants.

Yes, you can apply for a CommuniCare grant. When final grants are awarded, the funds will go directly to your fiscal sponsor and will be earmarked for your program/group. Please keep us updated if there are any changes to your fiscal sponsorship.

Yes. Organizations can apply every year.

Yes! You are welcome to apply to any group whose mission statement aligns with your organization’s work.

  • Option 1: Create a general cover letter that speaks to all the mission statements you are applying to. Submit a single Grant Application form and check all the mission statement boxes that align. (Students don’t see that page. We take it out when we organize all the materials.)
  • Option 2: Create tailored cover letters that highlight specific aspects of your organization to meet the unique concerns of different mission statements. Groups will receive the cover letter specifically designed for them. Submit a single Grant Application Form and check all the boxes that align.
  • Option 3: Create tailored cover letters and tailored Grant Application Forms. Orgs that choose this option usually have a variety of different programs and want to match a request for program support to a specific cover letter. This option requires multiple uploads.

No. Organizations are allowed one submission per mission statement.

If an organization makes multiple submissions to a single mission statement, we will only show one set of materials to the group.

The average CommuniCare grant is $3,000-$5,000.

The public submission window is open from November 15th to December 31st. If your organization is invited by a student group to apply and the application window has closed, please send your materials directly to the group’s contact person and defer to the deadline set by the group.

Please send all materials through our website on the Submit Grant Application page unless invited by a student group to submit materials directly to them.

We cannot receive applications after the public submission window closes on December 31st. Individual student groups may reach out to invite nonprofit organizations to apply directly to them. Please do not solicit schools directly.

To make it easier for applicants to identify which mission statements align with their work, we have numbered the statements and divided them into general service areas. Please note: mission statements will appear in multiple categories if students have more than one focus or their issue is intersectional.

The CARE Foundation asks students to award minimum grant amounts of $1,000, but we do not restrict the number of organizations that students can select. When asking for a dollar amount, keep in mind that students often try to increase their impact by spreading their funds around the community. A very large request may discourage students if they feel they cannot meet your needs.

Students want to see their mission statement priorities reflected in your cover letter. Extra care with your language will let them know you really read their statement.

Lastly, professional and industry-specific vocabulary may be second nature to you but can sometimes obscure the good work being done. Cover letters should not be more than 750 words, and thoughtful visual aids and photographs will make your materials more accessible to all learners.

To learn more application tips directly from former CommuniCare participants, check out the following videos – Emily from St. Mary’s Academy and Mary Grace from La Salle Prep!

High school students are your primary audience. You can address them directly as “Dear Students” or “CommuniCare Grantmakers.” You can use The CARE Foundation address in lieu of a school address:

1121 SW Salmon St.
Portland, OR 97205

All submission materials will be made available to students in mid-January. You will hear directly from the students or The CARE Foundation in February or early March. Once a student group has contacted you, you can engage with them directly.

Fundraising is an important part of the CommuniCare student experience. Each group has been guaranteed $7,500 from The CARE Foundation for grantmaking. We ask each group to try to raise $750 to add to this amount. Every dollar the students raise up to that goal is matched with $10 by The CARE Foundation.

If your organization receives a grant from a school, it already reflects The CARE Foundation’s match. That amount is the final amount for the grant.

If you need to make changes to your submission before the grant application window closes (December 31st), please re-submit the entire application through the Submit Grant Application page and indicate in the message box that you will be replacing your earlier submission.

After you download the application form, open it up using an application from your desktop. If you complete the PDF in a web browser tab, it may not save your information.

The CARE Foundation does not require any follow-up reporting from CommuniCare recipients. However, the students who awarded the grant may ask for a report or letter if they choose.

For tips about how to shine during a CommuniCare interview, check out the following advice from former CommuniCare participants – Emily from St. Mary’s Academy and Mary Grace from La Salle Prep.

If you have questions not addressed on the website, please contact Kristen Engfors-Boess, CommuniCare Program Manager, at kristen@schnitzercare.org or 503.973.0241.