To better serve the Arts & Culture nonprofit community of Oregon, CommuniCare launched an exciting pilot program with Portland State University! Informed by the core values of CommuniCare and elevated to meet the rigor of PSU, this Senior Capstone course offers participants the opportunity to work as an independent grantmaking committee, responsible for distributing $25,000 this fall. Click here to learn more about this funding opportunity.

Application will be accepted through 10/17/2022.

Mission Statement: We are a multi-faceted group of PSU students from diverse artistic and experiential backgrounds. As students from Portland State University, we are invested in supporting the accessibility and sustainability of community arts and culture in the state of Oregon.  We are eager to explore and experience the democratization of philanthropy in partnership with CommuniCare.

These grants will be allocating money to arts and culture organizations creating accessible art for underserved communities in Oregon. We believe that accessibility is at the core of our mission to expand the overall reach of artistic experience, consumption, and participation.   For us, accessibility is economic, logistical, and cultural and provides the means to cultivate new artistic experiences, providing insight and understanding and joyful participation in the arts.   We will focus on small and mid-size organizations with deep community ties that can demonstrate a clear plan where this funding is an essential component to the realization of that work.