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Student Mission Statements

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The CommuniCare group at XXXXXXX will be granting money to organizations providing services to people experiencing homelessness in Multnomah County. We believe that there needs to be more support for people struggling to meet their basic needs. We will focus on organizations who help people experiencing homelessness by providing resources such as shelter, food, clothing or other basic necessities. We hope that by supporting organizations who provide these resources, we will see an increase in service for people in need and a decrease in the number of people in Multnomah County experiencing homelessness.


We, the students at XXXXXXX, seek to grant money to organizations that provide support to the people of Clatsop County.  We hope to see increased support in our community for educational programs, access to health care, support for the homeless and emergency preparedness.


The CommuniCare students at XXXXXXX will be granting money to organizations that support low-income families with housing, education, and healthcare needs in the Portland Metro area. We believe Oregon should be a welcoming place for all families in need of a safe and enriching environment. Specifically, we will focus on organizations that provide shelter to families experiencing homelessness, facilitate after-school programs or ESL classes for newly-arrived families, or provide healthcare services to families regardless of immigration status. We would like to see Oregon be a model for other states who want to be a sanctuary for all families.


The XXXXXXX Teen Council at XXXXXXX is here to better our community by helping our environment and the health and wellness of our community. We are here to focus our efforts towards supporting physically and mentally disabled individuals of all ages. We will be granting our money to organizations that provide school activities or after-school programs, outdoor recreation programs, or housing programs for disabled individuals. Our goal is to help others and make sure individuals with disabilities feel included and not feel like they are forgotten.


The XXXXXXX CommuniCare Club seeks nonprofits that work to improve, support, and maintain the physical and mental health of Portland’s ever growing homeless youth population. We aim to partner with organizations that provide counseling, drug education, and access to food and medical services.


The Leadership Class, with the help of XXXXXXX High School, will be granting money to organizations that provide aid and raise awareness for those who are experiencing and exposed to domestic violence in the Portland area. We believe that there is an under representation of those who are affected by domestic violence and there should be more awareness about this topic. Our goal is to support organizations who are providing education in the community about this issue and offering resources and support to those suffering.


Our XXXXXXX CommuniCare team aims to help families that have been impacted by societal injustices with an emphasis on those affected by immigration, domestic violence, and the prison system.


2018-19 XXXXXXX High School CommuniCare students are focusing on helping our SE Portland community by addressing mental health, substance abuse, and physical safety for people experiencing homelessness. We are specifically looking to serve women, the LGBTQ+ community and people of color, who deserve these fundamental civil rights.


The XXXXXXX High School CommuniCare Club, in direct partnership with XXXXXXX High School, is focusing on improving the lives of the teenagers living in the Portland Metropolitan area. There is a large need in our community to help improve the mental health of many students. Our goal is to allow students, regardless of their background, to have more opportunities to open up about their own mental health and reduce the daily stresses they face. We plan on focusing on organizations that provide education and outreach for students to help improve their own mental health. We also would like to support organizations that provide programs that help reduce stress among teens – such as college preparation programs and resources that teach students how to acquire better life skills. Through the work these organizations are accomplishing, we would like to see the importance of teenage mental health become more normalized within our community, and the overall stress and anxiety in teenagers reduced.


In light of the Me Too Movement, we the CommuniCare club at XXXXXXX High School, aims to educate others to prevent sexual violence and to provide resources for assault survivors in Oregon.


The College Savings Group of XXXXXXX High School has chosen to support equal access to services and opportunities for citizens of the greater Hermiston area. Our group will be donating funds to organizations that promote access to the arts and literacy, support environmental beautification, and provide access to services and opportunities for people with disabilities. We believe increased support for these three areas will improve the quality of life and strengthen relationships between people in our community. Our intent is to serve Umatilla County, but priority will be given to the Greater Hermiston Area.


We, the students of XXXXXXX High School, will be granting money to various organizations in the greater Portland Metro area. Our goal is to provide funding to organizations that offer resources and assistance for the treatment of mental health issues, specifically anxiety and depression in young adults ages 14-21. Our hope is to diminish feelings of isolation and exclusion, and create a community where all people feel valued and respected.


The XXXXXXX High School CommuniCare team has set out to support victims of domestic and child abuse. Our group will donate all money raised during the year to local nonprofits aiming to provide care for victims in the Portland Metro area. We aim to raise awareness for this situation and empower these nonprofits in their mission.


The XXXXXXX High School CommuniCare Team members are deeply interested in the issues affecting the homeless population in Oregon. We are specifically concerned for children and young adults, who are our peers and deserve to have a choice in life. We will be using our funds to donate to organizations that advocate for them and provide necessary life provisions. We would like to see, as result of our efforts, increase in school participation and continuation to higher education.


Earth’s rapidly changing climate is bringing immense change to the environment and human society. This change has brought about species extinction, human suffering, and mass refugee migration. XXXXXXX Peace and Justice Club will be granting money to organizations seeking to push for legal restrictions on corporations, especially those with huge resource extraction, consumption and waste. Additionally, we also have a focus on organizations that take initiative to protect people who are disproportionately impacted by unsafe and unhealthy environments. This is important to our club because we believe that the lives of human beings and the wellbeing of Earth’s ecosystems are more important than corporate profit.


The students of XXXXXXX would like to donate money to organizations that serve the homeless community. With a specific focus within the Portland metro area, we are hoping to support every youth and family in securing a roof over their head and a meal to come home to after a long day. The services that we would like to see offered include food, water, and shelter. Our overall goal is to see a decrease in not only the homeless population, but also, in the mortality rates of homelessness.


The CommuniCare committee at XXXXXXX will be donating money to organizations in Oregon that support improving and sustaining the environment. We hope to create change in our community and on a legislative level to make clean energy more feasible as well as a top priority. We believe that there is a monopolistic clog in the advancement and implementation of technologies that ensure a clean and sustainable future for us and generations to come. We would like to see a noticeable increase in clean or carbon neutral transportation options and incentivize companies to utilize cleaner energy options.


XXXXXXX CommuniCare group is deeply concerned about our fellow Native Americans. We want to do something to make a change, see a change, and be the change. We will use our funds to support and influence Native Americans and organizations supporting Native communities in the promotion of healthy living. We define healthy living as, but not limited to, physical, mental, cultural, environmental, or spiritual health. Historical trauma has led our people to live unhealthy lifestyles which has contributed to alcohol and substance abuse for generations. This topic is important to us as student leaders because we see our community struggling with these health issues, and we intend to break the cycle.


The XXXXXXX CommuniCare Council 1 have chosen to support affordable living for the homeless and the creation and preservation of natural urban areas in the Portland metro area. We chose these areas of focus because we see both the negative effects of homelessness and the degradation of green spaces that surround our urban campus. We will be donating funds to nonprofits that either advocate for affordable housing or maintain green spaces in Portland.


The XXXXXXX CommuniCare Council 2 observes and acknowledges the significant issue of homelessness and housing instability in the Portland Metro area, namely that of disabled and marginalized communities. We aim to grant money to organizations that are finding and advocating for new and equitable solutions to Portland’s housing crisis.


The XXXXXXX High School CommuniCare Club is looking to support services for people with disabilities in Umatilla County. In addition, we are looking to support refugee and immigrant services in Oregon, prioritizing Umatilla County. We hope to destigmatize, raise awareness and improve the quality of life for individuals in these populations in our community.


The XXXXXXX High School Theatre Department wants to help young adults in our North Portland community by supporting organizations that advance social equity and justice through the Arts.


XXXXXXX CommuniCare is concerned with the overall well-being of the youth within XXXXXXX School District. We are focusing on how they are influenced by substance abuse socially and personally. Access to safe environments and food is another major concern for the youth in our community. The funds we raise will go towards substance abuse education, rehabilitation
and prevention programs, but also supporting after school programs and food accessibility.


The students of XXXXXXX High School CommuniCare club will be granting money to organizations fighting to provide access to medical care for low-income minority families living in the Portland-Metropolitan area of Oregon. We believe that medical care is a right, not a privilege, and we want to support organizations that are working to eliminate obstacles to affordable and reliable preventative care, as well as insurance coverage. Statistically and historically, low-income minorities in Oregon face multiple obstacles that prevent them from finding and receiving healthcare and we would like to see that minimized or eliminated. We plan to support organizations that are working to help low-income minority families overcome barriers related to language, transportation, discrimination or affordability within access to medical care.


The CommuniCare members of XXXXXXX High School have chosen to grant our money to improvements in education, helping people with disabilities, and to create support for people with mental health and addiction issues in our community. We hope to add value to our currently overcrowded school through donations that support a diverse group of school programs. We aspire to help individuals with disabilities and hope that donating our funds will aid them in improving their daily lives. Finally, we hope to create support for people who struggle with mental health and addiction and to potentially help them overcome or ease their inflictions. As a poverty stricken community, our goal is to assist the organizations that advocate for the at-risk members of our community and to improve the lives of the people who call Clatsop County their home.


The mission of the students at XXXXXXX High School is to support children and teens with limited or non-existent access to full mental and physical healthcare in the Multnomah County area. We believe it is necessary to ensure the physical and mental well-being of our generation and those to come. Childhood and the teenage years are some of the most important for physical and mental safety, and nothing should jeopardize that. We want to support organizations which supply youths with solutions to their healthcare needs, including but not limited to: menstrual products, hospital bills, vaccinations, and resources for mental illnesses.

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