All Classical Portland Radio Segment featuring Jordan D. Schnitzer & CommuniCare

CommuniCare Students Enjoying Every Brilliant Thing at Portland Center Stage

Our friends at All Classical Portland joined us for the 2017 CommuniCare Arts Experience kick off at Portland Center Stage. Over 90 students had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes tour of The Armory and learn about all the roles that aide in the development and execution of a theatrical production. As grantmakers CommuniCare students are often drawn to health and human services. Every Brilliant Thing was a great way to show how the arts intersect with larger social issues and connect us all through storytelling. Arts and stewardship are so important to Harold & Arlene CARE Foundation and Jordan D. Schnitzer so it was a pleasure having Portland Center Stage and All Classical Portland in the same space to celebrate young leaders. We look forward to further developing our Arts Experiences and offering these